Longhorn Beef

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28 Day Dry Aged – Pasture Reared

We specialise in breeding and rearing Longhorn cattle to ensure the very best quality meat is achieved. Our herd is pastured based and enjoy stress free lives roaming the luscious Gwaun Valley, an area of outstanding natural beauty in Pembrokeshire, Wales. We have three generations worth of experience of traditional hill farming and rearing.

Longhorns are reputedly the best heritage breed. The meat is renowned for its characteristic marbling throughout. Longhorns take longer to mature and it is this, which is largely responsible for its succulence, tenderness and fine texture resulting in a superior eating quality.

To ensure ultimate tenderness our beef is dry aged for 28 days, enhancing its buttery and indulgent flavour. When aged the beef’s natural enzymes break down the connective tissue in the muscle, which leads to more tender beef on you plate. Additionally some moisture loss helps to concentrate the flavour.